Thursday, February 23, 2006

Profile= Mankind Olawale Oyewumi

Profile= Mankind Olawale Oyewumi

Olawale Oyewumi
Afromerica Columnist

I am a Nigerian of immense philosophical depth, writer, teacher, activist and humanist. I am the founder and President of Sacrosanct Mankind Forward Movement {SAMAFORM}, a non-profit making organisation dedicated to the improvement of the world than I have met it.

My hobbies include thinking of how to better the human race, reading and yoking with mighty mortals who believe in the collective salvation of humanity, writing poems, novels and plays, snapping pictures, traveling and knowing wonderful people. My greatest accomplishments will be the final freedom of every mortal from hunger, greed and hate! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Brother Olawale Oyewumi will be keeping the Black community updated on Education And General World Development. Visit regularly for new information that could help you overcome and make the best of your everyday experiences.

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Poema: Tomorrow Africa
Our own Africa
Like others
I click thy uniqueness Africa
And every of thy positive native
Tenets I nurture till thy printable
Structure shall sail thy
Relatives, friends and loyalists
Above the burdens and havocs
Of Ruiners' responsibility
And destroyers' decency

From tyranny
Thy provenance paved thy present
In it thy agents conceived
And evolved thy constituents
But thy moral children
Oh Africa
Forbid thy extinction
In maiming mutilation
And numberless annihilation
And massive miseries

Today social distress
Guards thy nest with inferno
Opprobrium postulates principles
Thou should adopt and adapt
To for better bitterness
In this peerless
Pains Darling Africa

Even as prognosis
Discards thy sick status
Our faith and work
Shall suppress thy death
Shall resolve thy miseries
Shall desolve thy crises

Heroic Africa
Resourceful Africa
Thy doom shall reset to boom
And boom decimate its doom

No counterpart
Dictates thy deeds
Unless in collaborative
Trade for thy vision
And no child forfeits thy mission
With affective air of fake redemption

When coming moments
Demand new songs
From Wale's poetic idealism
The weighty substance
Of tommorow Africa
Shall alter my tone.

© 2005 By Mankind Olawale Oyewumi, SAMAFORM

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Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 12:55:33 +0000 (America/Los_Angeles)
Subject: Links to Some of My Works...

Members of my Family,

Good day to you all, with great love from all that makes up the writer. Do kindly go through these essays of mine and see what inspirations your fertile minds can garner from them:

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Life And Love,
Mankind Olawale Oyewumi.

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