Thursday, February 23, 2006

Purpose of Key Profiles Blog

The primary purpose of the Key Profiles blog, though I already have several other blogs, is to create a space on the Internet for me to create, develop and accumulate relevant Key Profiles on organizations, groups and individuals for easy reference to help with my research activities, direct people seeking background information and so that others can help me build up these profiles with further input.

Many times researchers who have regular Internet Access can be overwhelmed by all the information before them and suffer from real information overload. There are zillions of websites on the Internet and one can get easily distracted surfing from one website to another. Sometimes we may run across a website about a group or person and need to know background information. Thus, the Profiles, Bios & Links Blog.

First and foremost, I am a 54-year old humane-being whose primary agenda is the humane rights agenda. I consider myself a Chicano of Mexican-American-Native ancestry, though, one is not fully defined or explained by labels. I love Mother Earth, I love the masses of the People and I love Creator God.

It is hoped that other humane-beings will also find a useful blog for them to study up on Key Profiles for their own progressive education.

Education is a key equalizer for us to live well and succeed in this life of war. The masses require education and leaders need to learn about pedagogy ~ the art of teaching ~ in order to help liberate the masses and in the process fully liberate themselves.

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Love and Blessings to All Eyes Who Read These Lines ~
Peter S. Lopez ~aka:Peta de Sacra
Sacramento, California, USA

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