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History of Ramsey R. Muñiz - "Tezcatlipoca"

Ramiro "Ramsey" Muñiz was born on December 13, 1942, in Corpus Christi, Texas. He is one of five children born to Hilda Longoria Muñiz and Rudy G. Muñiz .

From his early years, Ramsey showed signs of being a leader – a role for which he was destined before his birth. As early as a junior high, he demonstrated assertiveness and leadership as he sought and obtained equal representation in all elected positions of the student council.

During his high school years, Ramsey Muñiz was recognized as an exceptional football player. He used this acclaim as he organized an athletic team protest in order to see the first African American appointed to the cheerleading squad.

Ramsey Muñiz’s athletic abilities provided him with a scholarship and the means of obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree from Baylor University. He later attended Baylor School of Law. His family’s poor economic position made him determined to be the best student. His grades at Baylor were the highest that law students attained to date in the area of constitutional law.

As a law student and attorney, Ramsey continued to embrace the plight of minorities. Rather than accepting opportunities for advancement, he chose a route which would confront the establishment in demanding food for school children, a head start program, the building of community centers, and the inclusion of employed Mexican Americans in the school system. All demands came to fruition, and a center for pre-school children continues to operate in Waco, Texas.

Muñiz helped and represented many throughout South Texas, and he spoke out against injustices faced by Mexican Americans. His political activism upset local elections including school boards, city councils, state and federal positions. He made it possible for the first Mexican American Mayors to be elected in Waco and Robstown, Texas – the first in the history of those two cities. He believed then and still believes that only through our own political party will Mexican Americans be respected, have a voice, and receive the representation that we merit.

Ramsey’s political activism brought to light his extraordinary ability to speak before groups of people. Throughout his political career his sincerity, conviction, and love for his people became the impetus for many speaking engagements. Together with his education and activism, those speaking engagements placed him in the company of the Reverend Billy Graham, Cesar Chavez, Russell Means, Angela Davis, and others.

In 1972 and 1974 Ramsey Muñiz (at ages of 30 & 32) ran for Governor of Texas under the Raza Unida party, which was established and developed by Mexican Americans, many of which were students. Muñiz and other activists changed Texas politics. Ramsey’s personal commitment, however, drove him throughout the entire Southwest. He ventured out alone to organize Raza Unida chapters in Texas, New Mexico, California, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

The impact made by Ramsey Muñiz is profound. His activism benefited many, and his efforts gave Mexican Americans a voice in the political arena. Renowned Houston attorney Dick DeGuerin stated, "Ramsey changed the face of politics in Texas. He gave power of inclusion to Hispanic Americans. He particularly changed the face of political offices in South Texas. There has been a lot of resentment from the Establishment because of that. A lot of people would like to see him fall because of who he is and what he did."

In 1976 the government brought drug conspiracy charges against Ramsey Muñiz, and quashed the Raza Unida Party. He was convicted, given a sentence in excess of the norm, and sent to several of the harshest federal penitentiaries in the country. Years later he obtained his freedom, only to be repeatedly stalked, and charged for crimes that he did not commit.

Ramsey Muñiz remains a political prisoner incarcerated on false charges. He is serving a sentence of life without parole, which is a death sentence. He and others continue with the formation of the "Sixth Sun," a cultural movement that focuses on ancient history, culture, and spirituality. They do research on the Mexika (me-shee-ka), our indigenous ancestors, with a sincere desire to help people of Mexican descent.

A person of extraordinary history, experiences, and contribution to society remains unjustly confined. He has been incarcerated over seventeen years, though he has never committed an act of violence. Ramsey Muñiz continues with the struggle to obtain his freedom, and the National Ramsey Defense Alliance seeks the assistance of every concerned citizen. It is time that Ramsey Muñiz be released! For additional information, visit or call (361) 992-6137.

"The Mexika cultural prophecies are centered on the concept of transformation.
We are promised a new human beginning. It will not merely be a metaphor, but a concrete achievement that will awaken all the people of the world." ~ Tezcatlipoca

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