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Profile: Rosa Rosales, LULAC National President


Profile: Rosa Rosales, LULAC National President
National President
League of United Latin American Citizens

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) elects its new LULAC National President Rosa Rosales with over 70% of the vote by the delegates at the LULAC National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“I am elated at being elected the new President of LULAC and I am ready to work with all groups to take LULAC to the next level of activism. I want to thank LULAC and all the past Presidents for all the work they have done. I want to thank all of the volunteers because that is what LULAC is all about. What makes LULAC so special is because not only do the volunteers work for free but pay dues,” said Rosa Rosales, past Vice President of the Southwest and the newly elected LULAC National President.

Born April 7, 1944, in San Antonio, Texas, Ms. Rosales was among the first Mexican American women to become labor organizers in recent times. Active in LULAC, she was the first woman to hold the position of State Director of that organization. She received her B.A. in Liberal Arts from the University of Michigan. Rosa was recently on the National LULAC Board of Directors holding the position of National Vice President of the Southwest.


• National Vice President for the Southwest (2002 2005)
• Member of LULAC Council #649 since 1978
• Held positions as President of Council #649
• Deputy Youth Director LULAC District XV
• State Officer of Labor Affairs, Texas LULAC
• First Woman Director LULAC District XV
• LULAC State Director for four years (1991 1995)
• LULAC National Vice President for Women (1996 1997 & 2001 2002)
• LULAC State Chairperson for Civil Rights (1995 1999)
• Member of LNESC (1996 1997 & 2001-present)
• Past member of Local and National SER, San Antonio Boy's Club Advisory Council, Target EEO, Mayors Commission on the Status of Women, Our Casas Resident Council, Inc., MANA, Coordinadora 2000, and numerous other boards, and community organizations.


• Founder and Director of the National Association of Public Employees (NAPE), 1999-Present)
• Office Director of the SEIU (1997-1999)
• Regional Director of the National Association of Government Employees, (1995-1997)
• National Labor Representative and Field Supervisor for the National Association of Government Employees, (1983-1995)
• Co-Founder and Charter Member of the United Public Employee Association and Field Supervisor in the Neighborhood Anti-Crime Program (a federally-funded local program based in the west side of San Antonio), (1978-1980)


• La Causa Special Recognition Award Cesar Chavez March for Justice, March 25, 2006
• El Premio Lider Nacional Hispana, Comision Nacional de Mujeres Region del Sureste, San Juan Puerto Rico April 2004
• Dr Anita Del Rio Award for Latina Leadership and Women's, Advocacy, 2003 LULAC National Convention, Orlando Florida, June 2003
• Arkansas State Director's Diamond Award 2003
• The Anheuser-Busch Companies Awards as prominent Latina Women in Action, March 2000
• SI SE PUEDE Cesar Chavez March for Justice Award March 30, 2001
• Image outstanding Hispanic Women Award for 1999
• Emma Tenayuca Award, La Prensa Salute to Latina Women in Action, March 2000
• LULAC Puerto Rico Community Award, 1999
• Amiga de Los Bomberos Award, Texas Association of Hispanic Firefighters Convention, Dallas, Tx, June 16, 1995
• Women of the Year Award LULAC District XV Convention, San Antonio, Texas April 4, 1998
• Women of the Year Award, LULAC District XV Convention, San Antonio, Texas April 30, 1998
• Certificate of Appreciation of “Substantial contributions to CRS and the Citizens of Texas for participating in the First Annual LULAC National Civil Rights Symposium, Dallas, Texas, March 1995
• Certificate of Appreciation for support of the women of Fuerza Unida, Inc., San Antonio, Texas March 8, 1995
• Certificate of Appreciation, LULAC Council 5014, Norte Dame University, South Bend, Indiana, October 6, 1994
• Head start Volunteer Program in San Antonio, Texas April 27, 1994
• Public Service Champion Award, Quality of Life Champions, Southwest Community Center January 28, 1994
• State Director of the Year Award 63rd LULAC National Convention, July 4, 1992
• National Association for Chicana and Chicano Activist Award for “Unselfish contribution to the Political Destiny of the Chicano Community,” National Association for Chicana and Chicano Conference, San Antonio, Texas, March 28, 1992
• Palo Alto College Resourceful Women Award, “Recognition for Contributions to Empowerment and Improvement of the Lives of Women of the South side of San Antonio,” San Antonio, Texas, March 2, 1992
• LULAC State Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation, LULAC State Convention, Waco, Texas, June 1, 1991
• LULAC Women of the Year Award, LULAC District XV Convention, April 1991
• Award for Outstanding Contribution towards Equal Opportunity for All Rangel & Rangel Law Offices, San Antonio, Texas, October 1990
• Civil Rights Award for “Promoting and Defending the Rights of the Less Fortunate Americans,” LULAC Council #692, San Antonio, Texas June 2, 1990
• President's Award in “Appreciation for Devoted Services as President,” M.H. Calderon Boys Club Advisory Council, San Antonio, Texas January 1985
• NAGE Award for “Largest Contribution of Membership in Field Organizing,” National Office Association of Government Employees, Boston Massachusetts, May 20, 1984
• Chairperson Service Award for “Tremendous Progress Hard Work, Love, and Devotion,” San Antonio SER, Jobs for Progress, Inc., San Antonio, Texas 1982 to 1983
• M.H. Calseron Boys Club Advisory Council, President's Award, 1983
LULAC l 2000 L Street, NW, Suite 610 l Washington, DC 20036 l (202) 833-6130 Fax: (202) 833-6135
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