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Origin of Yahoo ~

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Origin of Yahoo!

The word "Yahoo" was invented by Jonathan Swift for the Travels.  He and his friends used the word among themselves while Swift was writing he book, appearing in their correspondence.

In part IV of the Travels - Houyhnhnm Land, Gulliver initially mistakes the Yahoos for beasts, or cattle, since they are so repulsive in appearance and action.  Eventually he concludes they are human, possibly descended from a pair shipwrecked long ago.  Once Gulliver determines humans and Yahoos are the same, he begins to call all people "Yahoos."

The name Yahoo! purportedly stands for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle," but Jerry Yang and David Filo insist they selected the name because they considered themselves yahoos, but we have gotten ahead of our story, so let us back track a "wee" bit.

  "Enter the dragon, or the spirit thereof...."

Akebono - Name of Yangs Student Workstation

Yahoo! first resided on Yang's student workstation, "Akebono," and the search engine was lodged on Filo's computer "Konishiki."  Just in case you do not know, these are the names of legendary Hawaiian sumo wrestlers.



Konishiki - Filos computer where the search engine was lodged onto

Perhaps there is a bit of truth to the legend that David and Jerry who were engineering graduate students at Stanford University, preferred surfing the Web to doing their doctorial research and that things got "rocking and rolling!"

'Tis hard to remember that when our dynamic duo started "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web" in 1993 to keep track of their favorite Websites from a trailer on campus that there were but a few hundred web sites.  In the fall of 1994 the one million hit mark was reached and the Stanford servers were probably straining under the load.

In early 1995 Marc Andressen, co-founder of Netscape Communications, invited Filo and Yang to move their files over to the larger computers housed at Netscape and "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web" was christened Yahoo!

When Michael Mortiz, Sequoia Capital partner paid a visit to their trailer "office" in January 1995 he recalled, "The scene was total bedlam. There were pizza boxes strewn about,  golf clubs in the corner, an answering machine on the floor, no chairs, and the shades were drawn.  I don't think David and Jerry were much aware of he difference between night and day."  

The rest they say is history!

  Some of the personalities at Yahoo!

Srinija Srinivasan - Ninja

Srinija Srinivasan whose nick name is "Ninja" has been with Yahoo! from the start. She runs a surfing team that builds Yahoo! content.  This editorial arm builds on its own end, like the aggregation of sites, the listings, how they are organized and presented. 

Ninja, Yang, and Filo studied together in a Stanford overseas program in Kyoto, Japan in the spring of 1992. She ended her employment doing work on a large-scale artificial intelligence project called Psyche in 1995 to continue Yahoo's data base organization, with the realization that the Web was only going to get exponentially bigger and would be utterly useless without semblance of order.

Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang Quotes and Facts!

There's this huge, fast-moving train called the Internet.  And we're just half a mile ahead laying the tracks o make sure it doesn't go off the cliff.  It's felt like that since the very beginning." (C/NET Newsmakers)

Born: 1968, in Taipei, Taiwan; was born Yang Chih-Yuan; adopted the name Jerry After moving to America.

Favorites:  Beatle--Paul McCartney; leisure activity -- watching ESPN, golfing, cycling and watching sumo wrestling; partial to his mom's cooking, Taco Bell, pizza and a $4.00 bowl of Vietnamese beef noodle soup (outstanding if you have not tried some).

David Filo

David Filo Quotes and Facts!

About Filo, less is known and  ladies should note that he is currently unmarried. He is a graduate of Tulane University with a BS in Computer Engineering and MS EE from Stanford University.  David comes from Moss Bluff, Louisiana.

"He sleeps every third night." (Netscape-Readers Index)

"Almost of interest to someone." (CIO Magazine)

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